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2nd round of chemo

Week 5. only 7 treatments to go says Radiation Doc. Injected with Mitomycin today and have my pump of 5FU a goin. This will be my last week of chemo if all goes as planned. Wednesday I have my PET/CT scan … Continue reading

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Week 2 down

Finished week two of chemo/radiation. Had to go to the hospital a few days ago due to chest pain, back pain, headache for 3 days. Had a Neulasta injection to boost my white blood cell count and could possibly be … Continue reading

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Started chemo/rad

Started chemo/rad this week. today is Friday started chemo on Monday. Started me on Mitomycin and 5FU.  No more chemo for 3 weeks then start same regime again 4th week. Radiation for 5 more weeks, 5 days a week. So … Continue reading

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