Started chemo/rad

Started chemo/rad this week. today is Friday started chemo on Monday. Started me on Mitomycin and 5FU. ┬áNo more chemo for 3 weeks then start same regime again 4th week. Radiation for 5 more weeks, 5 days a week. So far just slight pain from radiation, but chemo makes me feel nauseous and no energy. Nausea not that bad when taking Zofran. ┬áSome say might lose some or all of my hair within 13 days of first chemo treatment. May not lose any, I hope. Still taking vitamins, but not Cesium Chloride. I sometimes wonder if I would have kept taking the Cesium would it have cured it? Just didnt feel I had the time to find out. I have began eating less veggies, just is not appealing to me at all. Eating more fruits, also some more foods I probably shouldn’t like the fries and ice cream cone I had today. But overall I’m still eating healthier than ever. I realized the other day as I was driving to pick up my mom of why God allowed me to get anal cancer. I truly believe that God uses the evil things for his glory. What Satan meant for evil, God will use for good. Perhaps I can reach others with the love of God in Christ Jesus through my mistakes. Thats redeeming love. I love that. Its just like God. He is so good. He saved me while I was yet a sinner, and redeemed me from my sinful nature.

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

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  2. Kim says:

    I have been mistaken about many things. Please enlighten me!

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