After researching the subject of anal cancer, I found out that it is most commonly caused by the HPV virus, a sexually transmitted disease. When I discovered this out,  it was pretty shocking.  I have been married to my husband for twenty years, and have been faithful throughout. As far as I know, he was faithful as well. From what I have researched, our immune systems can effectively kill the virus within 2 years in up to 90 % of the cases.  There are also over 40 different strands of the HPV virus some of which can cause cancer of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, head, neck and tounge. If indeed my cancer is caused by HPV, from what the statistics show, I must have contracted it many years ago.  Regardless of how or why I got cancer, my goal is to beat it, learn from the experience,  and help others because of it. By the way, after I beat it with Gods help, I’m going to buy myself another horse. Having to recently put my 29 year old gelding down, I think that this is a good, no, a great goal and incentive t0 beating my cancer.

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