when our immune systems become compromised

Although I started Cesium Chloride, I still felt that I needed to see a Radiation and Medical Oncologist (chemo doctor) as my back up plan. I needed to find out what their course of treatment would be. I first saw a local radiation oncologist. He suggested 6 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week. The local medical oncologist suggested 4 weeks of chemo. He has apparently treated quite of few patients with anal cancer  that have had very good outcomes. From what I had researched  on the web, the treatments he proposed were very similar. He then ordered a PET/CT to see if there were any metastasis, or spreading of the cancer to other areas of my body. Going to have the PET/CT was very unnerving.

I had never had a PET scan or CT scan before and hated the thought of the radiation and radiopharmaceuticals injected into my body. After all I knew that radiation is cancer causing itself. But I was curious if the cancer had spread and knew that this was the right thing to do. After having the test done and upon returning for the results, I already felt I knew that the results were going to be negative, and they were. Dr B and I continued our discussion about the Cesium Chloride  that I was taking. He feels that this is not going to work. That in his medical career, he has never seen any alternative therapy work. Not even prayer in itself has worked to cure cancer. Prayer with medical intervention, he believes is what truly works. His comment was that even Jesus  spat on the ground to make a healing paste to apply to the eyes of a blind man. My thought was that I know Jesus could have healed without the paste if he had chosen to. I believe that modern medicine is a good thing. However I do not believe that it is the only way to cure disease. I believe that God gives our bodies an immune system, that when given the right conditions, can fight off disease effectively. It is when this system is compromised due to poor diet, prolonged stress, consistent lack of sleep, frequent antibiotic or steroid use, and just plain not taking care of ourselves is when diseases such as cancer are able to gain ground. Being a Christian( someone who has trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour from the eternal consequences of sin:) I have had to come to terms with the consequences of my sins of the past. Some of which have contributed to my  own compromised immune system  and thus my anal cancer.

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