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In the first few days following my diagnosis I was fairly quiet. My family was very supportive and encouraged me that everything was going to be okay. That there was a high success rate for  curing anal cancer. I didn’t realize that Farrah Faucet had also the same type of cancer, until Dr.H had mentioned it the same day he diagnosed my cancer. So, I became curious and started researching this rare form of cancer. The more I learned, the more I didnt want chemo and radiation. Although the statistics for curing this cancer in the early stages were good, I was not looking forward to losing my hair, possible incontinence, nausea, diarrhea, burning in and  around that most sensitive area, and thats just naming a few of the side affects caused by chemo/radiation. I had been thinking of an alternative therapy all along, even before my cancer diagnosis, when I was still hoping that the blood tinged  toilet paper was possibly an internal hemmorhoid, polyp or diverticulosis. So when I did find out I that I did indeed have cancer, the wheels had already been turning about getting in contact with a friend of mine I’ll call JJ. I had worked with JJ for a few years at the hospital. Because I had worked quite closely with him for 8 hours a day, he gave me an interesting perspective on how modern medicine operates in our world today . This had a huge impact on how I now view modern medicine and how it was now potentially going to affect me.  JJ also provided me with much to say about alternative and natural ways to prevent and “cure” various diseases. Which brought me to my current treatment of anal cancer.

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